• Abdul Aziz, Safety Officer

    IIOGS found the right job match for me easy. I was very impressed by their manner and professionalism. They offered me excellent advice on interview preparation which mean that I was relaxed and confident in the interview. I feel they are genuinely interested in sourcing the right company for me and listed to what I wanted. They were prompt at getting back to me and there was always someone at the other end of the phone to assist me. I would highly recommend IIOGS.

    Course: IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: Korean Company, Kuwait
    Salary: 600 KD + Car + Other Benefit.
  • Venkatesh, Safety Officer

    I recently changed roles with the help of IIOGS recruitment. I had been looking for a suitable position with approximately 6months and I had dealt with a number of recruitment consultants along the way. During this period I found IIOGS recruitment was head and shoulder over the competition. I was updated regularly on possible suitable positions. As my experience at IIOGS was a very positive one I would thoroughly recommend them from a health and safety professional’s point of view. Had the right level of enthusiasm, but also respected the needs of the course.

    Course:IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: Korean Company, Middle East
    Salary: 1600 USD
  • J.S.Babu Raj, Safety Officer

    Having been referred by a colleague (S.Karthik) in the safety profession, I contacted IIOGS. From the moment I contacted them, they were attentive and communicative with me. The persons I dealt with gave me good advice in CV content, advice on attitude to assume an interview. Importantly IIOGS did not waste my time with non-existent positions. Feedback was immediate constructive and positive. I believe my success in quickly acquiring a position was in no small part due to the professionalism and support I received from the people in IIOGS.

    Course:IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: Hot Engineering and Construction, Kuwait
    Salary: 550 KD
  • Abdul Samad A.Gafoor, Safety Officer

    IIOGS is a very professional organization that maintains a dedicated and personal approach. I really appreciated tips and rehearsal prior to the interviews. They are fantastic!

    Course:IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: Korean Contractor, Kuwait
    Salary: 600 KD + Car + Other Benefits
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  • Jayaraj.T, Safety Officer

    Tireless, Professional, Peerless.

    Course: IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: EPC Company, Kuwait
    Salary: 500 KD
  • Premjith.R, Safety Supervisor

    When I first contacted IIOGS I was greeted by an enthusiastic member of the recruitment team. Having chatted with a placement officer, a list of current vacancies was matched with my experiences and I was submitted for these roles. IIOGS were helpful and efficient in sourcing potential employment prospects that suited me. If I have any queries or problems IIOGS are always ready to help with advice from their own in-house specialists.

    Course: IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: Upstream Contractor, Middle East
    Salary: 1500 USD
  • Abdul Shafi Ahmed, Safety Officer

    I would like to thank IIOGS for their time and the manner in which they dealt with me during my job application. IIOGS are very professional but also very reasonable and friendly as well as efficient and supportive. I would highly recommend IIOGS and their caliber of their jobs is second to none.

    Course: IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: Pan Arabian Company, Kuwait
    Salary: 450 KD
  • Karthik.S, Safety Officer

    I previously worked through IIOGS, I found them excellent as a representing agent when working with other organization and they were a great help recruiting me into the role I was looking for at the time. I did not hesitate to recommend them to a colleague (Kannan) or use them again personally in the future.

    Course: IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: Project Management Consultants, Kuwait
    Salary: 500 KD
  • Mude Anil Babu, Safety Engineer

    I contacted IIOGS to enquire about finding a placement. After forwarding on my cv, in a very short period I was informed that an interview had been arranged. The support and help from IIOGS prior to both interview had been arranged. The Support and help from IIOGS prior to both interviews was very positive and reassuring. I was successful and was offered the position and after support from IIOGS is terrific. They offer excellent safety programs and training courses and also have an in depth knowledge of all matters in relation to health and safety that I can call upon.

    Course: IIOGS Tailored Safety Course
    Company: Korean EPC, Kuwait
    Salary:500 KD
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