HABC Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment

 Course Overview

This course is designed for professionals who have the responsibility of conducting risk assessments at low risk premises. This is a foundation course for professionals to understand the relation between hazards and risk and employing various methods in assessing such situations. The course is tutored by experts who are handpicked based on the norms laid by HABC.

Course Content

  • Outlining main causes of work related accidents
  • Understanding the costs involved in work related accidents and ill health to employers
  • Plugging the risk assessment in the corporate policy of the organization
  • Understanding the competencies of a risk assessor
  • Description of sources of advice and information for a work assessor
  • Recognizing the requirements of recording, monitoring, reviewing, and revising work place risk assessments
  • Documenting risk records to target reduction of occupational hazards
  • Identification of work place health and safety issues
  • Segmentation of potential targets of hazards
  • Determination of the suitability of the existing systems to counter health hazards
  • Effectively controlling emergency situations relating to health and safety issues
  • Collection of information pertaining to work place health and safety
  • Effectively communicating possible measures to counter such hazards


Candidates who successfully complete the course would be offered HABC Level 4 certification in “Risk Assessment”, and shall be eligible to undertake a solid career as a third party risk assessor.