IIOGS being a training institute places enormous emphasis on the final deliverable in the process: placement. We ensure that we brighten the job chances of every fresher who attends our course. This is done in a two step process: the first is to train the candidate rigorously in his interested course module, and the second would be to use our network in the oil & natural gas industry to fetch them a laudable position.

Having had experience of conducting trainings in numerous companies across the globe, we have had wonderful sustaining network across the spectrum of Gulf, India, and Europe.

We take pains to establish and maintain contacts with candidates who are placed in companies, in order to receive up to date information about new job offers in those industries as well.

A network of health and safety professionals established IIOGS, with the sole purpose of transferring their experience through certified courses to people, who can make work place safer. In order to achieve their objective, the quality of theoretical and practical training offered to candidates increases their domain specific knowledge.

We put in stringent measures to ensure by all means to place a candidate in an industry thereby uplifting the safety bar in that company, and the career bar with the candidate.