Course Overview

The course module is designed to train and impart know-how for professionals to handle, scaffolding activities at work site. Considering the shifting dynamics of work environment training professionals to handle scaffolding has become a necessity. Our trainers with their years of experience are in the right position to train the delegates in the specifics of scaffolding.

Course Structure

Our training stresses on the following parameters

  • Effective training on methodologies of erection, maintenance, and dismantling of various types of scaffolding
  • Delegates are trained on creation of safety nets, safety lines
  • Continual appraisal of construction material for reusability
  • Exposure to use of rope/knots and gin wheel
  • Usage of safety equipment such as hard hat, safety shoes


By the end of the course, trainees are able to understand and appreciate the specifics of using different types of scaffolding. The delegates would also appreciate global practises and guidelines employed in usage of scaffolding. Weightage is made on safety practices to be followed coupled with the knowledge in structural integrity of preparing scaffoldings.


**Contact IIOGS for confirmed Dates and Availability of the course**