Course Overview

ISO 14001, is a set of standards, envisaged by International Standards Organization for maintaining well being of the environment. ISO 14001, is based on the TQM concept of Plan-Do-Check-Act, and is continually revised to suit current scenarios.  ISO 14001 lays down some basic principles, which if included in the corporate ethos, could reduce environmental damage caused by an organization. Implementation of ISO 14001, brings visible cost savings and improves the image of an organization amongst it’s investors, customers & general public alike.

IIOGS offers lead auditor training to assess operational impacts on environments, based on the principles and spirit of ISO 14001. The course if completed successfully, ensures that a candidate is trained to handle audits, and offer expertise to implement ISO 14001 principles in any industry.

•    Understanding the purpose of environmental audits

•    Learning the eight principles of environmental management

•    Learning and appreciating the principles of environmental management

•    Correlating the audit process in terms of ISO 14001 principles

•    Implementing the Plan-Do-Check-Act & ensuring that the offered solutions are implemented in organizations

•    Documenting the audit results, and understanding the roles of statutory bodies

This course is suited for any professional, who wish to take up environmental audit career, as a third party auditor, or to conduct such audits within an organization. For employers, training their employees in ISO 14001 would improve both cost, and energy savings, leading to better operational performance.


Course Language: English