The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is the only chartered body across the globe for health and safety professionals. IOSH as it’s called in professional circles, currently boasts 40,000 members and a formidable presence in about 100 countries. IOSH strives towards raising the bar on safety in work place by conducting training programs, and creating awareness through regular campaigning.

We are happy to partner with IOSH in tailoring a safety program “Managing Safely”. This program is suitable for managers, supervisors who work for organizations, where safety is an integral part of team attitude. “Managing Safely” is a training program designed to educate professionals with nuances of safety measures, and slew of techniques which can prevent occupational hazards. The program also briefly describes practical methodologies, employed by safety professionals across the globe to make their work place safe.

Key takeaways for trainees

  • Approaches towards handling safety issues in a work place
  • Innovative strategies to implement safety and increase the number of accident free days
  • Train professionals to be proactive towards safety problems
  • Inculcate the ability to prepare their team members for a potential occupational hazard
  • Correcting team members who have a history of noncompliance towards safety hazards

Successfully complete trainees are awarded an IOSH certificate.

Key takeaways for the employers

  • Internationally recognized and proven training
  • Our training improves the ability of the trainees to foresee potential safety problems, and employ corrective measures
  • Improved employee morale
  • Definitive change of attitude towards safety
  • Crucial areas of health, safety and environment are covered in a single training program

Since our training programs are tailored, employers have the advantage of deploying their professionals for training at the slots which suits them, thereby rendering their usual activities unaffected.