Course Overview

Gaseous components in work environments are subjected to constant change owing to the emission from the industry itself. There is a painful need to understand the dynamics the changes in the component levels of the gases, and to keep them under check to ensure that there is no adverse effect on the working personnel. We at IIOGS have identified the risks associated with gas emissions, and offer training to handle gas testing equipment. Our training modules meet global standards in the subject matter.

Course Content

  • Different types of gas hazards, owing to changes in gaseous composition in atmosphere
  • Study on adverse gas emitting equipment and processes
  • Precautionary measures while handling sensitive or unstable gas emitting equipment
  • Testing apparatus maintenance
  • Gas sample collection using various globally accepted techniques

Who can attend?

The module is specifically designed for

  • Professionals working in dynamic gaseous environments
  • Safety Manager
  • Plant Supervisors


On successful completion of the training, the delegates are offered an “Authorised Gas Tester” certificate


**Contact IIOGS for confirmed Dates and Availability of the course**