Course Overview

Work places today have become more complicated and automated thereby increasing the chances of accidents. Under such circumstances, it is very important to have some of the professionals working in those companies, trained in Basic First Aid to handle such potentially hazardous situation. Such professionals are trained to offer medical and psychological first aid to employees who are under trauma. Having extensive knowledge and expertise in Oil and Natural Gas Industry our trainers have the capacity to impart the right skills to attending internes to handle real time situations, and imbibe necessary confidence.

Who can attend?

The course is tailored for professionals working in risk environments, including but not limited to oil platforms, power plants, manufacturing units etc. In actual context our course is relevant to any professional who wishes to have basic knowledge in conducting first aid.

We stitch our course based on the attending professionals. For e.g. if we have a batch of trainees, belonging to one particular industry say power plant, we identify and foresee the potential risks involved, and we ensure that we train the delegates based on those identified parameters.


Though the benefits of attending our Basic First Aid training are obvious, we believe that the unaccounted benefit of this course is identification of possible hazards, and making necessary arrangements to avert such crisis. We believe that our training would fuel this attitude amongst our delegates.


**Contact IIOGS for confirmed Dates and Availability of the course**