HABC Level 4 Award in Health and Safety at work place

 Course Overview

The Health & Safety at work place Level 4 is designed to suit supervisors and managers who have been in the capacity of handling safety responsibilities within their organization. The course necessarily hones their skills in the health and safety, and helps them put in place effective safety solutions to burgeoning problems. The contents of this course are held in high esteem by safety experts that help safety managers to create a sustainable safety environment in their work places. The course is tutored by qualified professionals as per norms laid down by HABC.

Course Content

  • Explanation of moral and ethical obligations of creating a safety environment in a work place
  • Picturing potential costs of safety standard non compliance
  • Understanding the need to train employees to reduce risk at work place
  • Creating methods for maintaining health and safety amongst employees across different departments
  • Recognizing the role of risk assessment and safety systems at work places
  • Management, auditing and documenting safety standards at work places
  • Outlining sources of information and instructions on health and safety issues at places where they are found
  • Creating sustainable systems for risk assessment
  • Producing risk audits for range of work process including manufacturing, substance hazards, and working environment hazards etc.
  • Reviewing an organization’s procedures and practices with regards to health and safety
  • Implementation of necessary policy changes to effectively tackle safety issues


Candidates who successfully complete the course shall be awarded HABC Level 4 Certificate in “Health and Safety at work place” and shall be eligible to attend higher level courses offered by HABC in the same domain.

Employer’s Benefit

Subjecting their employees, to be trained in the field of health and safety would lead to a world of changes in the safety of their work place. The potential costs involved in safety hazards are saved by systems devised by their safety managers, and this course helps them to create such systems.