HABC is a family owned business, based in England and is one of the leading suppliers of compliance certifications and apprenticeship programs, across the globe. Known in the market for its quality, HABC offers training program in notable fields like: fire safety, safety auditing, first aid, food safety, risk assessment, and factory level training. HABC certified centres are found across the globe training safety supervisors and managers working in construction industries, oil and natural gas platforms, manufacturing sectors to name a few. HABC boasts of more than 200 employees occupying its space in United Kingdom and Middle East, coupled with more than 30 partnering institutions across different parts of the globe. HABC also works closely with government agencies, educational institutions, industrial bodies, and safety bodies to offer full tailor made programs.

HABC lays down its business value on the following ethos:

Quality: The quality of service, and the courses offered by HABC is second to none. The course material, are designed by experts from industrial bodies, and are done to impart industry specific skills to undertaking candidates.

Value: The cost competitiveness of the courses, are known worldwide, and in rare instances where there are deviations, proper systems are put in place to ensure that HABC meets its price goals.

Service: The customer service offered by HABC is widely recognized different training centres and agencies alike. HABC put in place effective pipelines of communication between its office and training institutes/agencies to achieve maximum cooperation and effectively transmit the curriculum to attending candidates. HABC also has a viable feedback mechanism, wherein every feedback is taken into consideration and resolved without any prejudice.

Integrity: The information exhibited by HABC is always transparent, and exhibits the need to fulfil its obligatory compliances.