HABC Level 2 Award in Fire Safety

 Course Overview

HABC offers certification courses in fire and safety at work place for line managers, supervisors and fire marshals to effectively prevent, and in case of occurrence counter fire hazards. The main objective of the course is to permeate accepted practices and systems in order to potentially avoid fire accidents, which is disastrous in consequences both financially and morally. At the end of the course the participants are equipped to tackle the nuances of these systems, and to spread the message amongst employees to carry out activities in accordance with the accepted safety practices.

The course is tutored by experts qualified by HABC or NEBOSH.

Course Content

  • Explanation of potential causes of fire at work places
  • Understanding components of fire triangle
  • Segmenting and understanding consequences of materials during fire accidents specially combustible material
  • Description of fire and smoke spread
  • Methodologies in curbing fire accidents
  • Recognising means of escape in relation to hazards
  • Understanding the principles of fire extinguishing
  • Usage of equipment in fire extinguishing
  • Understanding employees position in fire safety
  • Systematically implementing fire safety procedures at work places
  • Diagnosing stages involved in a fire risk assessment
  • Defining the role of fire wardens on day – to – day basis, during emergency, and non-presence at a designated area when alarm was raised
  • Creating the content of fire safety briefing


Candidates who successfully complete the training program are certified with HABC Level 2 certification in “Fire Safety”.

Employer’s Benefit

Employees, who attend this training program, naturally become prized assets to the organization. They reduce potentially catastrophic costs, by implementing systems that prevents fire hazards. Such trained professionals also boost the morale of co-workers, thereby creating a safe work place system.