HABC Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and Inspection Skills

Course Overview

Effective Auditing and Inspection Skills course is aimed at line managers, supervisors, working in different sectors of food & beverages industry, consumer products, hospital and other industries where verification of different aspects are undertaken on periodical basis for compliance.

Candidates participating in this program are effectively shown ways to create and review audits, inspections, pulling data from check lists, and pros and limitations of conducting audits. Audits are primarily backbone of any cyclic process, and for obvious reasons, this area garners special importance in work place. Our course is arm people involved in such audits to effectively discharging their duties in completing such audits.

Course Content

  • Interpretation of audit terms including: Audit, Inspection, Standards, 1st party 2nd party and 3rd party audits, full audit, partial and superficial audits
  • Understanding different principles of audits
  • Outlining prerequisites, purpose, benefits and limitations of conducting audits
  • Identification of resources required to complete a successful audit
  • Importance of planning and preparation required to execute a successful audit
  • Evaluating competencies required by an auditor or an inspector
  • Understanding the relations between effective auditing and risk management
  • Describing the timing involved in conducting audits
  • Construction of a simple audit check list
  • Understanding the audit cycle, and the purpose of opening meeting
  • Emphasizing the need of collecting accurate and reliable data
  • Interpretation of different types of observation techniques by providing examples of their effective usage
  • Scientific examination of evidence to support claims
  • Anticipation of factors which might lead to failure of process
  • Diagnose cause and effects
  • Analyzing data including converting raw data into facts
  • Understanding purpose and content of reports
  • Summarizing and documenting reports for presentations


Candidates who successfully complete the course are awarded Level 4 certificate in “Effective Auditing and Inspection Skills”.

Employer’ Benefit

Employees trained in this program, employ a much better scientific approach in conducting audits, thereby achieving the desired organisation goals. Moreover candidates who participate in this program have the opportunity to rub their shoulders with peers from different industries, thereby gathering different ideas towards conducting audits.